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We pride ourselves on pioneering the future of finance through the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), cryptocurrency mining, and decentralized finance (DeFi). Our commitment to innovation and excellence sets us apart in the world of investment. Explore our investment plans tailored to suit every financial goal. Join us on a journey where smart AI decisions, sustainable mining, and DeFi strategies converge to sculpt a robust financial future. Discover the unique synergy that defines Zentrix Limited.


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    • plan_img6 Experience financial intelligence with Zentrix Limited's Quantum Yield Plan. Harnessing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, this plan strategically invests in stable assets, including established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and forward-looking tech stocks.

      plan_img6 Profits of 10% per day for 1 day are exclusively, ensuring a reliable and consistent return for investors. The AI continually adapts to market changes, optimizing the investment strategy and providing an intelligent path marked by stability.

      plan_img6Diversification across both crypto and traditional markets enhances the plan's resilience, offering investors a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and a dependable financial approach.

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About Us

Pioneering decentralized finance with innovative technology.

Zentrix Limited, established in Hong Kong on December 11, 2023, is a pioneering firm at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), cryptocurrency mining, and decentralized finance (DeFi). Specializing in AI-driven investment optimization, energy-efficient cryptocurrency mining, and automated DeFi portfolio management, we provide users with sophisticated tools to navigate the dynamic landscape of decentralized finance. Our commitment to innovation, transparency, and maximizing returns positions Zentrix Limited as a frontrunner in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency and fintech industry.

Protecting Your Investments

Your financial security is our top priority.

In the fast-paced world of financial investing, market fluctuations and unforeseen events can pose a threat to your hard-earned capital. At Zentrix Limited, we recognize the enormous importance of protecting your investment against potential losses. That's why we've implemented a robust and flexible insurance framework to keep you safe in the face of market uncertainty.

In an environment where uncertainty is inevitable, investing with Zentrix Limited means investing with confidence. Our insurance framework is not just a protective measure; it's a testament to our commitment to the financial well-being of our clients. Your capital deserves the best defense, and at Zentrix Limited, we're here to provide it.

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Level 1 6%



Referal Program

Explore infinite earning possibilities with the Zentrix Referral Program. Benefit from a 5-tier structure—6% on Level 1, 2% on Level 2, 1% on Level 3, 1% on Level 4. For influential YouTubers, enjoy even greater rewards—9% on Level 1, 4% on Level 2, and 2% on Level 3. Join now and turn your connections into substantial earnings, celebrating success within our thriving community of investors. Your influence matters, and so do your rewards!

Zentrix Limited's AI Bots

Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Investments with Advanced Analysis

At Zentrix Limited, our cutting-edge AI bots tirelessly scour the vast landscape of cryptocurrencies to pinpoint lucrative investment opportunities. Powered by advanced algorithms and machine learning, these bots analyze real-time market data, historical trends, and emerging patterns to provide you with a curated list of potential investments.


Introducing Zentrix Limited's Prepaid Card

Seamlessly Connected to Your Investment Universe. Elevate your financial experience with our AI-powered prepaid card, linking directly to your Zentrix Limited account. Enjoy real-time access to your returns, swift withdrawals, and the convenience of managing your investments at your fingertips. Embrace the future of finance with a card that aligns with our commitment to innovation, transparency, and user-friendly financial empowerment.